Fertility, Egg Freezing, and You

Thinking ahead

about fertility

Learn about age, your eggs, and fertility. It's important
to understand the facts about egg freezing for in vitro
fertilization (IVF) and the issues related to delayed childbearing.

Why Freeze Eggs?

See why some women are thinking about their
fertility status and learning more about egg freezing.

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How Egg Freezing Works

Despite what you may think, egg freezing is not
a new technology. Learn about what it is, how it
works, and what to expect during the the egg-
freezing process.

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Is Egg Freezing for Me?

Take a look at factors to be considered, including
the benefits and risks, before egg freezing and
get a general idea of potential costs.

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Stories & Support

Hear from others who've done it and
find support resources to help you
understand your options.

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